Charles Freeman

Finding Tomorrow’s Leaders

With current talent shortages, the best of the best are a rare and valuable resource and they are extremely challenging to find through traditional recruitment methods. High performing, successful professionals don’t have the time to check and respond to job postings. They need to be proactively recruited. That’s where we come in.

– Charles Freeman, Owner

Prestige Recruiting Solutions

Prestige Recruiting Solutions (Prestige) provides specialized and customized solutions to help employers hire great people. Prestige is a boutique recruitment agency specializing in permanent roles, in a wide variety of disciplines, for a broad range of business sectors across North America. We help identify, proactively source, and recruit the best available talent for companies throughout Canada.

Charles has spent the past 20+ years in the human capital solutions sector. He was a hiring manager for over 10 years and has had exposure to all sides of recruitment: employer, candidate and 3rd party recruitment consultant. He has experienced life and work in 5 major international cities. Charles has spent his entire career developing relationships and building broad connections with organizations and talent.

In 2019, Charles decided to pursue his vision of establishing Prestige Recruiting Solutions. Charles experienced working for several large recruiting firms and identified the opportunity in the market for a truly proactive, nimble, flexible and personalized recruitment solution provider. Businesses are ultimately about people and their success depends on hiring the right talent.

Prestige develops strong long-term relationships and rewarding partnerships. We truly care about the people that we work with. We are passionate about finding the best talent and connecting them with top employers. We are committed to providing the best possible recruitment experience for both clients and candidates, and only doing what is right for both.